Best Fake Tans for 2018 Summer


If you want to have a tanned body for these summer days but don’t have time to go to the beach yet, you have come to the right place! We’ve made the research, but first, we need to know which self-tanning product are you looking for? Do you want a gradual tanner, an instant quick fix, or the new tanning water that everyone loves?¬†Fake tan is an essential item when the spring arrives. You want to wear your favorite dress or shorts, but your legs don’t have the glow and color you want. But even choosing the best fake tan can be very difficult. Do you want an instant or a gradual formula? Are you looking for a natural or an extra-dark fake tan? The list of spray tans is endless, but we have chosen the best spray tans we think you need to try.

Hoola Zero Tan Lines, £25.50 Benefit

Benefit’s Zero Tan Lines, which is part of the iconic Hoola range, is the best instant tan you can try right now. It gives to your body a streak-free, buildable color that won’t stick on your clothes. It comes with a sponge on the lid, to make the application easier.